The most cost effective, energy storage system in the world

Competitive landscape

Cost effective

over 50% less expensive than alternative solutions


state-of-the-art compact and modular design


Zero degradation of the cells over 15 years operation


Safe, environmentally friendly and cost effective

The advantages of the IceBrick™

Tank farms are less acceptable in the commercial business environment. Maybe this is the reason for the absence of Ice Thermal Energy Storage Systems from the commercial landscape.

Our IceBrick™ is a building-block which enable our customers to build an ice storage reservoir in a seamless way, as an extension of the building.

Deciding to shift your energy usage and join the group of people who are leading the future of the grid – was never easier.


the edge

The only potent way to improve the demand-supply chain of electricity is with energy storage and the world is moving fast with adopting energy storage technologies mainly electrochemical solutions e.g. batteries.

These systems have tremendous downsides such as safety issues, high degradation, recycle is practically impossible and a harmful influence on the environment while their raw materials are being extracted.

Meanwhile, commercial building’s cooling demands, at peak hours can be easily satisfied by discharging cold energy with… ice. Plain water that was transformed into ice, using cheap electricity at night or at solar surplus production.

If it is so simple, how come Li-ion batteries are dominated 94% of all 2017 new energy storage implementations? How come, ice storage stake in the storage arena is 0.0005%?

The answer is that current technologies are too expensive and consist of large tanks which just don’t fit the needs of the commercial market.

Nostromo had developed the IceBrick™, a modular thermal cell which can fit any building as an extension, and 10 times more efficient in its energy density per square meter than any other available solution.

The system will be commercially available in mid-2019 at a cost of less than $400 per kWh with a warranty for zero degradation of the cells over 15 years of operation.

Our first commercial demo system (400 kWh) will be up and running this coming September. You can learn more about the Ice TES landscape and Nostromo’s water-based revolution here.