the future

Every new day is bringing higher demands for energy, mostly in the peak hours, a phenomenon which is driven by the surging demands for cooling. The future is hot - therefore an IceBrick™ is something you might want to consider

The problem

Peak demand was always the pain point of every electric grid. But now, with heavy Solar PV integration it is getting even worse,

actually, you’d wish you were a monkey cause the future is going bananas.

So some will think that cooling demands are getting higher because of Global Warming. But actually, there are plenty of reasons for the climb of electricity usage caused by cooling systems regarding the climate change. Urbanization, develop economies are adopting more and more the usage of thermal comfort systems just because South East Asia is a giant moving fast into the 21st century. The estimations are that in the next 30 years or so,  we are facing an annual 3% increase, of the energy demands for cooling – a staggering 90% (!) growth till 2050.


And then comes the Solar, and pushes everything to the extreme



The Solar dilemma

Solar is great. But more solar could and will challenge the stabilization of the grid.

Why storage

Without storage renewables, can’t evolve. For more information please read here.

The case with batteries

If you dream of renewable and a stable grid due to the massive presence of Lithium-Ion bulk batteries, you might want to read this