A water-based Revolution

While everyone is focused on pricy and unsafe lithium-iona systems, we at Nostromo have designed a system that is 50% more cost effective, will never explode and doesn’t require any rare or toxic materials

Thermal demands are shaping the grid

78% of the world’s population lives beneath latitudes 45˚N to 30˚ South, which mean that their peak demand is heavily subjected to cooling demands through mid-days of the summer season.

35-45% of the electricity demand at times of peak demand is driven by cooling systems requirements. (e.g. Commercial chillers and HVAC systems). This is the biggest pain point of the electric grid and it is not caused by demand for electricity but demand for cold energy which is driving insane electricity consumption.

Latent heat of water

Although water is amazingly potent in storing thermal energy when changing their phase from liquid to Ice, and although, the primary need through peak demand is for cooling and NOT for electricity, and although water is a thousand times more clean safe and cheap than Lithium, Out of 195,105 MW of energy storage systems, as documented by the DOE, only 103 MW are related to Ice thermal storage systems. We are here to change this and to enable water in becoming the next revolutionary substance that will dominate the Bihind-The-Meter energy storage arena.