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While everyone is focused on pricy and unsafe lithium-ion systems, we at Nostromo have designed a system that is 50% more cost effective, will never explode and doesn’t require any rare or toxic materials.

The problem

Peak demand stresses and burdens the electricity grid and is mainly driven by cooling requirements.Thermal energy storage technologies can play an important role in reshaping patterns of electricity use and become a great contributor for the economic optimization of the grid by reducing significantly electricity usage for cooling during peak hours or solar shoulder hours.

ICEBRICK uses surplus electric power during excess periods to store cold thermal energy in the form of ice, which is utilized for cooling during peak hours.


The opportunity

In order to achieve full optimization of the U.S. grid, the total energy storage needed is as high as 180 gigawatts (of which 30 are currently installed). And yet, the total energy storage installed in the U.S. through the record year of 2016 was about 0.26 gigawatt (0.17% of the needed capacity).

6 kg of Cobalt Lithium are needed to store 1 kWh(e) of electricity

1 kWh(e)

A common chiller will then consume the 1 kWh(e) and produce just about 3 kWh(th) of thermal energy

3 kWh(th)
Li-ion BOM is $150 per each kWh
3 kWh(th)

We can store 3 kWh(th) with 4 gallons of ice made of tap water

The cost of the water will be close to nothing

Current Ice energy storage systems are less cost effective than Li-ion because they are designed in a suboptimal manner that prevents large scale cost reduction.

Our solution

In the past 18 months, we have designed an ice thermal energy storage system that is challenging the current energy storage landscape. We have a proven technology, our system will be perfectly safe with almost zero degradation over 10 years of operation.

On January 2019, ICEBRICK will be the most cost effective commercial ESS available. Our first commercial deployment will be operational hopefully before the end of 2017.

Our system was fully validated (technically and financially) by one of the top Engineering groups in Israel, and we are ready to rock.

For full presentation and plan please contact or call +972-52-2465444

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