A better tomorrow powered by clean, sustainable technology. Energy storage done right.

The threat of global warming is real. And for the first time in history countries all over the world are united to save our future and preserve the climate. But in the meantime, cooling demands are rising, increasing stress on power systems, impeding the renewable revolution and curtailing our efforts to stop global warming. 


It’s time to stop this vicious cycle. And we can do this in part by transforming how commercial and industrial buildings power their cooling systems. Because commercial and industrial cooling places lots of pressure on the grid, amounting to 40% of total demand at peak. It’s time to reimagine how we cool these buildings and the world with an ice-based energy storage solution.

Water is a fascinating substance with the highest capacity for storing energy. It’s safe and its ability to store energy has endless cycles. It never degrades. There aren’t any substances that are safer or cleaner. It’s a no-brainer. The obvious choice.

We believe our future depends on our ability to embrace clean, safe and sustainable energy storage solutions. Water is not only an essential part of life, but it can also help solve our climate crisis and rising cooling demands. 

By embracing water-based energy storage, commercial buildings can shift their energy demand, save energy costs, accelerate renewable integration and contribute to fighting climate change.

Let’s fix our future. Let’s embrace water. Because water is forever.

Something big is happening.

We’re in the midst of an environmental revolution.

And we have a once in a lifetime opportunity to stand up and change the future in a meaningful way.

And when you look back, you’ll wonder:

  • What were you doing during this revolution?
  • What were you doing to be part of the change?


Now is your chance to act.

Now is your chance to make a difference.

Now is your chance to take your place in history.

The future is bright. But we have to do something. We have a responsibility to wake up and act. We believe that the smallest actions can (and will) make the biggest difference. And that’s why making the switch to a clean energy solution will not only reduce a building’s carbon footprint, but will create a future we can all be proud of.

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