While everybody is talking about global warming and Li-ion based energy storage, we have found a way to use water as a highly potent capacitor and solve the most crucial problem of electric grids: High peak demands which are totally subjected to cooling demands e.g., commercial chillers. We've developed the most cost-effective, clean and safe energy storage system available today and in the foreseen future.




A rare earth material

Highly active with a high Environmental impact

When extracted It is poisonous and Unsafe

Has high degradation over 10 years of usage

Near Impossible to recycle




100% safe

Has zero negative impact on the environment

Cheap and handy

You can drink it

the future?

we are devoted to what we are doing as if we were going to change the world ūüôā

The NREL stats that in order to achieve 50% solar in California, till 2030, we must support is with an addition of at least 15 GW of storage.

15 GW represent just about 60 GWh of storage.

With current battery technology, Every kWh requires ~0.9 kg (source) of LCE (Lithium Carbonate Equivalent) > 900 kg for 1 MWh and 900,000 kg for 1 GWh.

So for 60 GWh of storage, it looks like we are talking about 54,000,000 kg of LCE that will have to be replaced every 10 years, and this is only for California.

Can you actually imagine this amount of Lithium being extracted, used and then, after 10 years - trashed, when 60-75% of it can be easily replaced with Water?

We are here to ensure that there will be a sane alternative for the sake of the renewable grid.

(Lazard- Source of the below picture)

The first modular thermal cell

Nostromo offers a groundbreaking Ice TES (Thermal Energy Storage) that is cost effective, flexible and durable

Cost effective

over 50% less expensive than alternative solutions


state-of-the-art compact and modular design


Zero degradation of the cells over 15 years operation


Safe, environmentally friendly and cost effective