Unlocking the largest behind-the-meter energy storage opportunity

Decarbonizing and modernizing the power grid with energy storage for the built C&I environment


Investment Highlights

Accelerating C&I buildings to Zero Carbon

with safe, clean energy storage, ready for retrofitting at scale

Energy transition requires energy storage on massive scale; estimated $500 Billion global investment

Behind-the-Meter energy (BTM) storage provides demand flexibility, needed by the power grid for integrating renewables and resilience. But currently only 7% of all new storage is BTM, and only 1% in the C&I segment

Space cooling accounts for half of gird peak loads and the biggest opportunity for shifting demand with Behind-the-Meter energy storage

Turning the problem to a solution: cold energy storage technology,  designed for retrofitting the existing building stock and can be rapidly deployed, at scale

Accelerate buildings to Carbon Zero - energy storage is the most powerful tool for decarbonizing buildings, a $1.3 Trillion market

A quarter of a million of eligible buildings in the US., approximately 25% of the total commercial real-estate space.


Nostromo Energy

Nostromo Energy unlocks the largest market for behind-the-meter energy storage, with its revolutionary ice-based energy storage solutions for both existing and new commercial and industrial buildings. This solution helps buildings reduce emissions and energy costs while also providing demand flexibility and storage capacity to the power grid so it can integrate more renewables. The Nostromo IceBrick® energy storage system uses ice to store energy for space cooling when electricity prices are low and clean energy is abundant, and can discharge the energy during peak hours, to reduce stress on the power grid or avoid using electricity that is carbon intensive and expensive. This way, Nostromo helps accelerate the energy transition and grid modernization. The IceBrick® technology is non-flammable, modular and compact, and can be easily retrofitted to existing commercial and industrial buildings.

The Problem

C&I is only 1% of Total Storage (2021-2022)

Commercial and industrial facilities account for more than 60% of all electricity use, but only 1% of energy storage installations.

Achieving a carbon-free power system and economy requires massive amounts of energy storage, including behind-the-meter resources, which are operable interactively with the power grid. Grid-interactive storage in buildings provides it the flexibility it needs to balance the intermittent renewables and to overcome growing gaps in infrastructure.

On-site energy storage is a compelling solution for C&I facilities,  helping them achieve their ESG goals, reduce energy costs and handle occasional power supply disruptions. Yet, and although they consume more than 60 percent of all electricity use in the U.S., only 1% of new storage is installed in this segment, mainly because of the safety concerns with lithium-ion batteries.


Enabling a renewable future with ice-based energy storage technology.

We see a future where safe, clean energy storage technologies allow commercial and industrial electricity consumers to become strategic partners of the power system, helping it maintain stable and green power supply. Where users become givers and reliable energy storage solutions finally spell the end of our reliance on fossil-based energy sources. A harmonious grid where more energy can move freely in all directions and all resources participate to maximize efficiency and eliminate waste. Thermal energy storage is just the beginning.

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