Cooling Global Warming

Truth Time. Most Sustainable Energy Isn’t Truly Sustainable
Nostromo Is Ushering In A Cool Energy Revolution With a Safe, Clean, Cost-Effective Thermal Energy Storage System Based On Ice.

The first modular thermal cell

Our ice-based TES (Thermal Energy Storage) offers commercial businesses a cost-effective, flexible, and durable solution that no lithium storage solution can beat.

Environmental Impact

Cooling the world one IceBrick at a time

Nostromo is committed to preventing an impending climate crisis with a cost-effective, safe, scalable, and clean cold Energy Storage System that replaces the largest energy consumer and one of the biggest drains on the grid: Commercial air conditioning.

The Nostromo Energy Thermal Storage System empowers businesses to reduce their carbon footprint while enjoying a significant cost saving. Nostromo’s system relies on water as the thermal storage medium, which not only reduces energy costs but also lowers your carbon emissions. It’s a big step forward for sustainability and enables commercial customers to make environmentally conscious decisions today that will pay off tomorrow. In short, instead of adding stress to the grid, buildings become grid assets.



3000 cycles

Rare earth material High environmental impact when extracted Poisonous and unsafe Degrades over 10 years and near impossible to recycle


Is forever

Abundant clean source Safe Similar system costs to lithium-ion with double the life span (20 years) No degradation 100% Recyclable

Cost effective

Over 50% less expensive than alternative solutions


State-of-the-art compact and modular design


Guaranteed zero degradation of the cells over 10 years of operation


Safe, environmentally friendly, and cost effective