Keep cool while cutting carbon and energy costs.

Energy storage is paving the way towards true zero commercial buildings.

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An energy storage solution that’s good for the planet and great for your pocket


Accelerate to Zero Carbon With Fully Financed Energy Storage

Increase the value of your building, lower carbon emissions & electricity bills, and improve your NOI with a limited offer and no upfront capital costs, pending potential financing by the Department of Energy*.

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* An application under the Energy Policy Act of 2005, as amended Title 17 Innovative Clean Energy Loan Guarantees is under review by the Department of Energy’s Loan Programs Office. There is no assurance that this financing will be approved.

A Big Challenge.
An Even Bigger Opportunity

We're changing the sustainability conversation

A whopping 40%

of carbon emissions in the U.S are caused by buildings. We need to decarbonize them in a sustainable way.

200Metric Tons of CO2

can be saved annually by each building on average using the IceBrick®. We can make a huge positive impact on the climate crisis.

Only 1%

of all new energy storage is installed in commercial, industrial and public buildings, but they consume most of electricity.Buildings can play a bigger role in the energy transition.

Up to 20LEED points

can be gained by implementing the IceBrick® Energy Storage in a building. That’s great news for developers and management companies..

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