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Advanced cloud-based energy storage management platform, for monitoring and optimizing performance, analytics and ESG reporting

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Cloud-based energy storage management platform

Cloud-based energy management system - Nostromo
Cloud-Based Energy Control System

On-site Controller

The heart of the IceBrick® is the local control system, responsible for the system’s energy and flow management, communication, sensoring and metering. It operates the charge and discharge cycles of the IceBrick® based on a plan provided by the cloud-based energy storage management platform and sends energy data back to the cloud-based management system.

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Advanced on-site controller to
cloud platform integration

The local control system sends data to the cloud-based energy storage management platform in real time via secure wireless link for performance optimization, deep analytics, system health monitoring, and reporting. The cloud-based energy storage management platform in turn sends to the local control system operational plans and scheduling settings, incorporating this data, as well as site preferences and external inputs, such as weather, grid signals or pricing.

Performance optimization

Unlock the full potential of the IceBrick® system with our dynamic cloud management platform. Choose your desired outcomes - financial gains, reduced carbon emissions, increased EV charging capacity, enhanced backup and resilience, or a combination of the above - and let our platform optimize system operations to deliver maximum impact.

Deep analytics & reporting

The energy storage management platform offers ongoing performance analysis for continuous optimization, enabling your building to achieve maximum efficiency and financial outcomes. Anomaly detection algorithms enable quick intervention and long-term system health maintenance, to ensure that your IceBrick® system will always operate at optimal performance.

Grid Integration and
Aggregation (VPP)

The cloud-based energy storage management platform can automatically receive and process dispatch requests and price signals from utilities, scheduling coordinators or third-party aggregators. This feature ensures seamless integration into existing energy markets and enhances revenue opportunities. The system also provides real-time reporting of available capacity and performance, enabling easy billing and quality control.

Secure Energy Management System

Safe and secure access

  • Automated Data Pipeline manages real time data processing from different IOT sources.

  • Scalable cloud platform uses high performance cloud Microservices combined with AWS IOT Core to support parallel independent processes.

  • Secure data and devices through continuous security scanning for code breaches on-site and in the cloud infrastructure.

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