IceBrick Energy Storage Array

IceBrick® Array

The IceBrick® Energy Storage Array

200 to 10,000 ton refrigeration hours of clean cooling energy, whenever you need it.

Small &

Suitable for both new buildings and retrofits, the IceBrick® can be configured to meet your building’s unique energy load profile & cooling needs as well as available space. Install as few as 20 IceBrick® cells to as many as a thousand or more, to enjoy storage capacity between 200 kWh to more than 10 MWh-equivalent per site.

High Performance
With unprecedented round trip efficiency of over 85%, it can discharge 94% of the stored energy within 4 hours at flexible, controllable rates.

Compact and Modular
A truly modular system with a minimal real estate footprint. The IceBrick® cells can be stacked, placed along walls, or tucked under the pavement.

Completely Safe
The IceBrick® cells do not contain any toxic or flammable materials, and are made of fully recyclable materials that are safe to install in any commercial building.

Ice thermal storage - with IceBrick technology

IceBrick® Technical Specs

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Volume of Water/Ice

89 gal ‎

Coolant Solution

30% Ethylene/Propylene Glycol 70% water ‎

Number of Capsules


Floor Loading

75lb/sq.ft. , ​(375 kg/m2)

Total Capacity

10 Ton-Hrs.(~7-12 kWh-e)

Weight, Filled

1720 lb(780kg)

Cloud Based Management & Optimization

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